First iteration done !
July 04, 2011 | GeneCraft team | Project Management

We are proud to announce that we are finished (on time) our first iteration of the second part of the project. New features available :

  • Items removing (properly) : sensor, effector, brain in, brain out... and a complete creature
  • Specific world : biome (earth, mars, moon) and scene (rock valley, desert, etc.)
  • Bones and fixations dynamic sizes
  • Brain pluggrid dynamic size
  • Display local landmarks of selected bone
  • Online help : what's this mode
  • Registration of genecraft-project.all (this website)
  • The second project "GeneCraft Worker" is almost ready to evolve creatures
  • Overlay that displays simulated time and biome type.
  • Independence between graphics timer and physics timer, acceleration and reduction of simulation time.
  • Improving of rigidity constraints
  • Breakable constraints, thanks to Bullet 2.78 :)
  • Saving and loading for CouchDB server

GeneLab renamed in GeneCraft
June 27, 2011 | GeneCraft team | Project Management

Here is the new project name!

GeneLab first video !
June 04, 2011 | Aurelien Da Campo | Medias

There is the first video of GeneLab :) This video shows you the first draft of the "Creature Viewer" application. In this application, you can build creatures and show its behaviors.

[ Watch video in full screen (HD 720p) ]

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